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Food Pantry

posted Oct 3, 2018, 8:55 AM by St. Paul UMC Church

Fill the Cart Food Competition

The St. Paul food pantry has seen an increase in the number of families that are being served. Over 16,000 people in Franklin county struggle with hunger. Currently, over 100 families per month are turning to St. Paul for assistance to put food on their table. This means the shelves are emptying quickly. During the month of October, the children’s ministry will be hosting a food drive competition to keep the shelves filled. 


The competition: who can bring in the most food items? The children??? The Youth??? The Adults??? The Child Care Center??? Go to the store, ask family or neighbors for donations, or put out a collection box at work.


Each week place your food items into the cart labeled with your group. The children will count, graph, and post the results in the hallway every week. October 28 will be the last day for collection (for the competition…the food pantry is always accepting donations!). The winning group will receive an ice cream party.


Please help families in our community by participating in this competition.

Give from your heart, and fill the cart.