Core Beliefs

As United Methodists, we have a rich theological heritage that informs and guides who we are and what we do. Our founder, John Wesley, an Oxford professor and priest in the Church of England, maintained that his followers be fully informed concerning their faith. He instituted schools for children and adults, teaching them to think with a clear mind and feel with a renewed heart. Biblical literacy and critical thinking skills were also taught to his followers. He founded training schools to teach the basics of ministry to both men and women. With Wesley, we believe that a fully informed faith is vitally important for our continued spiritual growth. 

Core Beliefs
We believe that God has created and is sustaining all that exists. The witness to this belief is found in the Christian Bible. The Bible tells the story of how God entered human history by speaking through the ancient prophets and leaders of the Judeo-Christian faith. Moreover, we believe, as the Bible reveals that God actually entered human experience in the person of Jesus of Nazareth.
Jesus reveals to us a God of infinite creation and infinite love. So great is God's love for humanity that ” while we were yet sinners Christ died for the ungodly.” (Romans 5:8) God raised up Jesus from the dead in a dramatic reversal of the powers of evil and death. The proclamation of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus invites people to a new life and a new way of living. Those who will respond to the message of Jesus find God's love, forgiveness and new meaning for their lives. The gift of the Holy Spirit empowers Christians to live out the teachings of Jesus with a joyful witness to the truth of this message.
Core Values
  1. Faith in Jesus Christ.
  2. Respect for all people.
  3. Commitment to spiritual growth and maturity in the Christian life.
  4. A growing Christian community and fellowship.
  5. Worship as a means of meeting with God and other believers.
  6. Hospitality to all people.
  7. We are committed to being a Connectional people to share our resources as United Methodist Christians.
  8. Maintaining our Christian witness by reaching out to the larger community in Chambersburg and the world beyond.
Our Key Objectives
As a mission driven, vision led community of faith, we are compelled to realize these values in the real world. To host worship, offer fellowship and Christian education opportunities and to empower individuals, couples and families to discover the positive power of Jesus Christ in their daily living, we need a place to call home. The St. Paul United Methodist Church has experienced its congregational life in five church buildings. Our newly completed church home offers a peerless facility for our future. We believe that God has guided us to erect this new building to reach and touch the Chambersburg region with the positive and life changing message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  As such, our key objectives are to:
  1. Proclaim by word and example the life changing message of God s redemption of the world in Jesus Christ.
  2. Create and maintain a spiritual environment, which encourages children, youth and adults to realize God s power and presence in their lives.
  3. Enrich the spiritual journey of children, youth and adults by providing relevant and compelling worship, Christian education and fellowship opportunities.
  4. Welcome to this facility the unchurched people of our area to share the love of God through Jesus Christ.
  5. Broaden our congregational involvement in outreach to the surrounding communities of the Chambersburg region.